The company was established in 2015. Our main activities are
Mathematical modeling • Optimisation • Consultancy • Software development


The owner Gergely Mádi-Nagy earned his PhD in Operations Research at Eötvös University. His work is supported by MSc and Phd students of mathematics and IT experts. Mr. Mádi-Nagy has years of experience in development of energy market expert systems. He dealt with portfolio management, procurement optimisation, power plant scheduling, auctions. He was also a leader of a successful, one and half year long R&D project of energy trading. He has several papers in peer-reviewed journals as well as he is a regular speaker of Hungarian and international conferences of operations research and energy market.


  • Budapest Power Plant Ltd.
  • Energiabörze Kft.
  • MAVIR Zrt.
  • Nemzetközi Testőr Biztonságszolgálati Kft.
  • VPP International Zrt.


  • Power plant scheduling
  • Energy market price simulation (FX, Natural Gas, Power and EUA)
  • Development and validation of auction algorithms
  • Traffic analysis


  • Budapest
  • Székesfehérvár


From business analysis to software solution


  • Formal analysis and modeling of business processes
  • Optimisation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Big data
  • Energy market

We can deliver solutions in several ways. The final product can be a report of business analysis and proposals. It can be completed with formal models and algorithms if it is necessary. Even in that case we can help to select the suitable software and technology, too. Additionally, our company is able to develop software products which can be integrated into the client's IT system or can be operated independently.

What we deliver?

  • Business analysis reports
  • Development of mathematical models and algorithms
  • Software technology consulting
  • Development of integrated software modules
  • Development of independent expert software products


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